Announcing the opening of the EMINENTO Salon, where you can find the best is trousers.

エミネント スラックス
Echizenya in Tokyo. Developed for overseas markets, Ecjhizenya trousers are now available for experiencing and online ordering in Tokyo.
パンツ イタリア

Echizenya used to be only in overseas shops. No more. Now this collection of quality trousers expertly crafted from top-rated materials can be seen and ordered in Japan as well. Exclusive materials plus world-class tailoring, that is the recipe for Echizenya trousers.

The Tokyo showroom is on the ground floor of Eminento’s headquarters building, and a special online store has been added for convenient ordering. Come in and see the classic-line Japanese artisan quality. There is sure to be something you like.

Echizenya also does made-to-order
パンツ イタリア
パンツ イタリア

Even the brand tag comes in a chic design and bold color scheme.
Stop in and get that special-occasion pair of trousers made to order.

Satiate your inner pantsaholic. Come in and see the full collection.
パンツ イタリア

Please note, however, that the EMINENTO Salon is by appointment and open to members only.
Phone or email now to schedule an appointment, and to become a member if you are not one already.

パンツ イタリア
パンツ イタリア


Echizenya is a line of fine apparel built on the Calzoni offerings and branded for discerning international clients. Using the finest materials to produce sophisticated apparel with tasteful design, it has established itself worldwide as a core men’s fashion item. The only fine apparel brand with its own factory where experts turn top-rank materials into comfortable fashion, Echizenya has received accolades from knowledgeable buyers worldwide and is available at select shops in North America, Europe, and Asia.

エミネント パンツ


Nihonbashi Kobunacho 9-18,Cyuo-ku,Tokyo





10:00~17:00  (except Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays)

※Please note, however, that the Eminento Salon is by appointment and open to members only.

※Phone or email now to schedule an appointment, and to become a member if you are not one already.

The EMINENTO Salon is a members-only salon offering tailor-made trousers to suit the season.
Every man wears pants, just some better than others. Good-looking trousers are confidence-builders for leadership. By contrast, trousers that do not fit well, either physically or psychologically, distract from your aura and give other people a negative impression of you.
The EMINENTO Salon is here to help you avoid that pitfall. A private salon for men who are particular about what they wear, it offers the kind of personalized service the big retailers cannot match.
Face-to-face without being in your face, the EMINENTO Salon is designed to enhance your wardrobe and provide the fashion distinction you deserve. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Little wonder so many upmarket shops are proud to carry the Calzoni collection. The brand was born to the Eminento tradition of excellence and has been a major player growing its reputation for quality. Year after year, Calzoni has been a leader in the Italian-style market. This year is no exception as it debuts a new silhouette for men who care.

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